What is the right addressing scheme for India?


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What is the right Addressing scheme for India?

arXiv:1801.06540 [cs.CY]


Computer generated addresses are coming to your neighborhood because most places in the world do not have an assigned meaningful street address. In India, 80% of the addresses are written with respect to a landmark which typically lies between 50-1500 meters of the actual address; such addresses make geolocating very challenging. Accuracy in geolocation is critical for emergency services to navigate quickly to reach you and for logistics industries to improve on-time performance and efficient routing of the package coming to your house. In this paper, we explore suggested addressing schemes for India, to determine what use cases and potential technologies will have the best adoption and therefore, greatest impact.

Kabir Rustogi, Santanu Bhattacharya, Margaret Church, Ramesh Raskar

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