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Jimmy Day, MIT Media Lab. 
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Every day, we forge new paths to discovery—creating and prototyping transformative technologies, experiences, and systems that enable people everywhere to reimagine and redesign their lives.

Why?  Because we believe that together, we can play an important role in helping people realize a better and more just future for themselves and for all.

Your support helps us move ever closer to this aspirational vision. We truly appreciate your support.


Jonathan Williams

How your support helps to achieve the vision 

  • Funding research: We rely on funding from corporate members, foundations, and individual donors to support our research projects. By providing financial support, you help fund research that has the potential to address the world's most pressing challenges.
  • Collaboration opportunities: We bring together researchers, faculty, and students from a wide range of disciplines to work on interdisciplinary projects. By collaborating with the lab, supporters contribute to projects that address complex challenges and promote social justice.
  • Supporting diversity and inclusion: We're committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in its research and programs. Supporters can help promote these values by advocating for and supporting initiatives that ensure that people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives are included in the lab's work.
  • Visibility and reputation: By supporting the MIT Media Lab, your organization can align itself with one of the world's leading technology and innovation institutions. This can increase your visibility and reputation as a company committed to cutting-edge research and innovation. 
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