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Guy Satat, Matthew Tancik, Ramesh Raskar

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JULY 2017:

Raskar ACM Siggraph Achievement Award, StreetChange - changes in neighborhoods with computer vision, Das Kinect scans dino skull,  Emerging Worlds in India, Flashback Velten 35 Under 35 and Raskar Idea Hexagon at Wired

JUNE 2017:
Lemelson Foundation - Raskar Spotlight on Invention and Innovation, Faster Single-Pixel Camera, Shah TED Fellow, Zensei Bioimpedence Sensing

MARCH 2017:

Emerging Worlds Recap, Advances in Imaging Short Course, AI Software learned to make AI software, Wetzstein The future of Photography is Computation

Emerging Worlds January Workshop, Seeing Through  - Satat at TEDx, Designing Neural Network Architectures using reinforcement learning, EarID wins 3rd place at HITLAB World Cup

All Photons imaging, Augmented Reality's long lasting Impact Paper Kinect to scan dino skull, Emerging Worlds meeting Recap

Raskar Lemelson-MIT Prize winner, Raskar launches, Reading through a book, Shah named INK Fellow, Spectrometer for detecting fruit ripeness,

JUNE 2016:
Raskar at GES Silicon Valley, Das MedTech Boston 40 Under 40, Swedish NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Raskar video at Stanford HCI, Puri Nashik, Innovation and You, Raskar Accelerating Ideas at IIT Bombay

APRIL 2016:
DISQ Innovation Center announced - Nashik, India,  Kadambi names Lemelson-MIT Grad Student Winner, Raskar Innovating for Billions at Stanford, Reflection Removing Camera, Raviv Best Paper at SIAM,  Facial Recognition

Optical Brush, EarID $100K finalist, Emerging Worlds Meeting, Camera Culture at TED

Making 3D Imaging 1000 Times Better, India Innovation Workshops, Bedri's Ode to the Selfie at TEDx, Raskar UIST Keynote, Redo Sanchez Unlimited Vision at TEDx, Raskar AMA on Reddit, Naik Computer Vision, Predicting our Cities at TEDx

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging, Raskar at ACM UIST, THZ for Art Inspection, Heshmat Future of Imaging Interview, EyeNetra Worldwide Impact

ToF Microwave Camera, Raskar at DARPA Wait? What?, Innovating for Billions, ICCV Workshop, accessible and affordable healthcare, Puri at Google Toronto

JULY 2015:
EyeSelfie, Fluorescent Probes in Imaging, SpecTrans, Occluded Imaging with ToF

Vision Correcting Displays, Raskar INK Innovation Talk, Heshmat on TEDx, The Kumbh Mela Opportunity

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