Festivals of Invention and Creativity - FIC Toolkit

Brazilian Creative Learning Network

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Festivals of Invention and Creativity (FICs) are local celebrations to share and actively engage in creative learning experiences. 

FICs bring together educators, school leaders, students, and families to recognize local talent and foster supportive communities of practice in formal and informal educational settings. Children and adults can explore high and low tech tools and materials as they participate in interactive, hands-on activities. As educators engage in these activities, they have opportunity to explore new ways to foster innovation as an alternative to more traditional education approaches. Teacher designers who share their creative projects gain recognition from colleagues for their efforts to transform the learning opportunities of their students.

Since 2017, the Lifelong Kindergarten, through its Brazilian Creative Learning Network initiative, has been promoting FICs across Brazil, reaching over 96,000 participants in six years. The FIC Toolkit project builds upon this success in Brazil by elaborating on the model for a global audience. The Toolkit includes a set of resources and guides developed in collaboration with partners in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, India, and South Africa to help educators around the world create their own Festivals.

Promoting Creative Learning through Festivals of Invention and Creativity: Building on a Successful Model from Brazil receives support from the Jameel World Education Lab.