Valdemar Danry

Research Assistant
  • Fluid Interfaces

Valdemar Danry a researcher, artist and tech humanist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His passion lies within the intersection between philosophy, technology and arts. With his background in philosophy of mind, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence, he seeks to explore how the augmented body mediates our experiences of the world not just as something physical but as something which is "lived".

Valdemar is currently working on interfaces that sense, evaluate and stimulate reasoning patterns and sensations in humans by using artificial intelligence and brain-computer interfaces. His earlier work include award winning art installations,  theoretical frameworks for designing technology that experientially integrate with the human body, AI generated characters for online learning, and more. His research has been published in impactful journals and conferences like “Nature: Machine Intelligence”, “ACM CHI”, “IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications”, and “ACM Augmented Humans” with more research under review.

He has worked with international collaborators from Harvard, Georgia Tech, IBM Research, University of Innsbruck, and University of California, and has exhibited his work at Ars Electronica, IDFA, Vantaa Art Museum Helsinki, Electrical Artifacts and at the MIT Museum.

Read more about his vision and work on his website.