Manuj Dhariwal

Research Assistant
  • Lifelong Kindergarten

I am currently a Ph.D. student in the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the Media Lab, supervised by Professor Mitchel Resnick. My work centers around building creative learning tools & experiences for children and young people, that support the development of their thinking, their creative expression, their identities & sense of Self.

Before joining the Media Lab, I finished my master's in Computer Science at MIT and worked in the field of early childhood cognition under Prof. Josh Tenenbaum and Prof. Laura Schulz at the Department of Brain and Cognitive Science. Before coming to MIT, I used to run a board game design company and designed over a dozen board games and digital games primarily in the areas of language learning and supporting neurodiverse children with Autism. These board games added playful moments in the lives of over 250,000 families and were adopted by over 3000 schools, and their digital companions were used by over half a million users. We were recognized for these efforts by the science and technology board of the Government of India in their list of Top Ten Indian Innovators.

I am also a Yoga and self-inquiry meditation practitioner, which not only have been tremendously helpful in better managing my Tourette’s but also guide me every day in living life more wholly. I am passionate about supporting young people live more whole and centered lives.