Duncan Lee

Research Assistant
  • Biomechatronics

Duncan is a fourth-year graduate student pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently working in the Biomechatronics group in the MIT Media Lab. He is a GEAR Lab Fellow for the 2023-2024 academic year.

He received a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Yale University in 2020. At Yale, he was a member of the Yale Men's Varsity Swim and Dive team. He has experience in additive manufacturing from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories and Pratt & Whitney.

Duncan received his Master of Science degree from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT in May 2022. His master's research focused on the computational design, fabrication, and clinical evaluation of transtibial prosthetic sockets. Overview of the project can be found here.

In his free time Duncan enjoys swimming, skiing, photography, and eating.