School and Energy Awareness, City Science Andorra


Using TerMITes in the Santa Coloma School in Andorra we want to help students understand the relation between the energy performance of the building and the patterns of use. Students will learn how to use the sensors, collect data and will discover strategies to reduce the energy consumption of the building.

Contributors: Carson Smuts,  Luis Alonso, Jason Nawyn, Juanita Devis,  Núria Macià (Fundació ActuaTech)

Cristina Yañez (UdA), Marcel Corominas (Andorradrones), Guillem Santacreu (Government of Andorra), Esteve Bardolet (Government of Andorra), Aleix Dorca (University of Andorra), Marc Unzueta (University of Barcelona), Marc Pons (OBSA), Marc Vilella (OBSA), Oriol Travesset (OBSA), Jordi Martin (University of Girona), Xavier Forne (FEDA), Josep Ribes (ActuaTech), Oriol Lordan (University of Barcelona)

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