MISTI MIT Media Lab x Smart Living Lab Workshop


Swisti 2024

Swisti 2024

Monday — Thursday
January 15, 2024 —
January 18, 2024

The University of Fribourg is collaborating with the MIT Media Lab to host a series of talks and hands-on sessions during this workshop related to sensing and understanding environments, designing systems to study sleep and its physiological effects, as well as human rehabilitation and augmentation. This workshop will open up collaboration opportunities in the field of built environments and human-computer interaction.

Contact Sailin Zhong sailin.zhong@unifr.ch and Patrick Chwalek chwalek@mit.edu, if you have any questions.

Seminar Program

The seminar will happen in person from January 15, 2024 to January 18, 2024 in the Smart Living Lab and the Learning Lab of the University of Fribourg. The workshop will start with talks by the keynotes speakers/workshop organizers and core topic researchers, followed by two-day hackathons expending on these topics. The workshop team will communicate the confirmation of enrollment to the perspective participants who register their interests. The schedule might slightly change before the New Year.

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