MLTalks: Joi Ito and the Director's Fellows

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The Director’s Fellows program is a growing global network that connects the innovation and creativity of the MIT Media Lab with a broad array of leaders to catalyze creative thinking and concrete collaborations. Its goal is to expand the diversity, reach, and impact of the Media Lab and the Director’s Fellows themselves in deploying cutting-edge technology, ideas, and innovation to tackle key global challenges. It also helps to shape the perspectives and experience of stakeholders throughout the network, strengthening their capacity to serve and to lead. Learn more about the Director's Fellows and the program here.

Joining Media Lab director Joi Ito on stage are the following fellows:

- Sultan Al Qassemi, a United Arab Emirates-based columnist

- Maurice Ashley, an International Grandmaster of Chess

- Marko Ahtisaari, a visionary technology entrepreneur and designer

- Gabriella Gomez-Mont, a creative and cultural entrepreneur

- Jeff Sturges, a maker movement pioneer

Joining them from the audience for the Q&A portion of the talk are Director's Fellows and past Conversations Series speakers Colleen Macklin, Shaka Senghor, and Baratunde Thurston, as well as fellow-in-residence Philipp Schmidt.

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