WraPr: Spool-Based Fabrication for Object Creation and Modification


Joanne Leong

Joanne Leong

Joanne Leong, Jose Martinez, Florian Perteneder, Ken Nakagaki, Hiroshi Ishii. 2020. WraPr: Spool-Based Fabrication Method for Object Creation and Modification. In TEI'20, February 9-12, 2020, Sydney, NSW, Australia.


We propose a novel fabrication method for 3D objects based on the principle of spooling. By wrapping off-the-shelf materials such as thread, ribbon, tape or wire onto a core structure, new objects can be created and existing objects can be augmented with desired aesthetic and functional qualities. Our system, WraPr, enables gesture-based modelling and controlled thread deposition. We outline and explore the design space for this approach. Various examples are fabricated to demonstrate the possibility to attain a range of physical and functional properties. The simplicity of the proposed method opens the grounds for a light-weight fabrication approach for the generation of new structures and the customization of existing objects using soft materials.

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