Media Lab @ TEI 2020

The following Media Lab community members are participating in the fourteenth international conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction this year.

TRANS-DOCK: Expanding the Interactivity of Pin-based Shape Displays by Docking Mechanical Transducers

Ken Nakagaki, Yingda (Roger) Liu, Chloe Nelson-Arzuaga, and Hiroshi Ishii

ambienBeat: Wrist-worn Mobile Tactile Biofeedback for Heart Rate Rhythmic Regulation

Kyung Yun Choi and Hiroshi Ishii

WraPr: Spool-Based Fabrication for Object Creation and Modification 

Joanne Leong, Jose Martinez, Florian Perteneder, Ken Nakagaki, and Hiroshi Ishii

Studio Workshop: Prototyping Interactive Fluidic Mechanisms

Hila Mor, Tianyu Yu,  Ken Nakagaki, Benjamin Harvey Miller, Yichen Jia, and Hiroshi Ishii

Encountered, Habituated, Estranged and Overridden by Machines

Sang-won Leigh, Abhinandan Jain, and Pattie Maes

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