Photorythms: Interactive

Chelsi Cocking and Jimmy Day

In this new adjacent implementation of Photorythms as an interactive art installation, members of the public are invited to sit in front of the installation space and have their faces detected and augmented into different generative forms and patterns live and in real-time. This led to the creation of a fun, explorative art installation in which people played with their facial expressions in a sort of two-way performance, communication, and “dance” with the software system in response to witnessing their detected faces and portraits being chopped and spliced into randomized visual forms.

Photorythms began as a computational art-based inquiry of static portrait photography. Custom-coded software that uses computational methods such as facial detection and computer vision was created to detect faces within static portrait photographs. These detected facial points were then used as the basis to create different visual generative explorations that creatively morphed, broke apart, and re-puzzled the original static portrait image into new forms. Creating more expressive and artistic works of portraiture and the face and giving a fresh take on portrait photography and new life to images through computation. Photorythms asked:

  • Can portrait photos and photos of people be more expressive than they are today?
  • Can computational methods assist this?