PalimPost is a converged system for storing, searching, and sharing digital and physical world information using sticky notes and mobile devices. PalimPost extracts contextual cues from a user's physical environment and activities, connects them to the user's digital world research, and subsequently presents to the user systematically categorized, relevant, and JIT information. Whether a user is writing down a shopping list on a sticky note after surfing the internet at home, or checking out hundreds of products at hand in a physical store, whether a user is preparing a list of dinner ingredients in the kitchen or buying food outside in the market, PalimPost integrates information from different time and location to form a seamlessly connected experiences for the user.

Wayback Archive Description:

PalimPost is taking sticky notes to the cloud era. So far sticky notes could only be used for saving a very short message, as a pointer to a bigger piece of information in our memory. However nothing in our new computing environment behaves this way. Every object now has an internal memory of Giga-Bytes, and our human memory is used for more emotional, social or inspirational information. But the affordances of plain sticky-paper notes are compelling: they are writable and also sticky! So how can we take them to our new ditized world? Enter: The Cloud, allowing digital information to be stored and retrieved swiftly. However, the experience of using the sticky note is about recording a moment, a fleeting thought. This is the goal of PalimPost, to help us capture moments in time, digitize them, and store them on the cloud.