The EBIFA robot (Everything Beautiful Is Far Away)

 Tim Saputo, Xin Liu

EBIFA (Everything Beautiful Is Far Away) is a crystalline robotic device that carried a tooth to outer space. EBIFA's form and function follow an unusually personal approach to our technological space futures, one centered on visceral, active, empathic, and poetic engagement.

Once entering apogee, the EBIFA device is designed to be released and demonstrate a new mechanism for navigating in three-dimensional space. By shooting the string out and dragging the body once the tethered projectile is attached to a remote, anchored surface, the mechanism enables spatial navigation with minimal impetus in the zero-gravity environment. 

EBIFA is part of a series of research projects that explore free body motions in a microgravity environment. Inspired by the three-dimensional moving patterns of arachnids, the team is developing technologies at both the human body (Orbit Weaver) and mini-robots scale. The EBIFA experiment will be the first spider-like, robotic dance in weightlessness.