"Encephalodome" (working title) is an art+science game under development for the dome projection (planetarium) setting of the Lower Eastside Girls Club. Players will wear inexpensive Electroencephalography (EEG) devices to both control and contribute to the game. They can expressively explore science through activities like concentrating, meditating, closing their eyes, and moving their bodies. By fusing many kinds of science data sets into a vast spatial experience, �Encephalodome� will engage players in natural beauty beyond the scales of human perception. "Encephalodome" gameplay focuses on ocean acidification: increased pollution is changing the pH of the oceans, thus affecting the growth of sea vertebrates and shellfish. "Encephalodome" will invite its users to interactively role-play prototypical sea organisms like coral, plankton, jellyfish, and lobster through decades of increased carbon emissions.