Earth Mission Control (EMC)


MIT Media Lab

Screen grab from Earth Mission Control

A Virtual Platform for Bridging the Climate Science Communication Gap

Earth Mission Control (EMC) is an immersive visualization platform for multi-modal and multi-user design and data exploration. Designed with the primary goal of enhancing the way scientists and educators communicate the intricate tales of climate impacts, EMC allows users to design comprehensive experiences that incorporate various visualization modalities, from NASA’s Hyperwall animations to NOAA’s Science on a Sphere spherical projections. 

Whether it's map tables, virtual environments, 360-degree videos, or human-scale immersive experiences, EMC harnesses the unique strengths of each modality, offering users a more complete view into the world of climate data. One of the unique features of EMC is its integration with an AI-powered virtual assistant called EarthBot. This addition ensures that interactions within the VR environment are not just immersive but also intuitive and natural. The assistant enhances the user's sense of presence, making the exploration of climate data stories more engaging. The Earth Mission Control platform is a step towards a future where data visualization moves beyond traditional boundaries. By bridging the gap between complex climate data and immersive storytelling, EMC can help create a more informed and proactive global community.