E15:oGFx is a dynamic openGL texture engine. It provides an interface to a dynamic procedural texture generation context that can be modified at runtime. Using Python as the scripting language, E15:oGFx can be used for procedural animations and data visualizations. One goal of E15:oGFx is to increase the level of end user engagement with existing programs and foster additional creativity on top of scripts written by others within the E15 community. In contrast to traditional 2D graphics environments, E15:oGFx leverages openGL to reveal more than the standard 2D view of the script execution. In particular, the 2D canvas can be scaled in vector graphics sense, and the history of the script execution can be visualized. In addition to many graphics environments, E15:oGFx also supports dynamic loading of GLSL-based shaders, as well as procedural manipulation of shader parameters.