Design Daydreams

Philippa Mothersill

Design Daydreams is a digitally-augmented ideation table and post-it note that seamlessly connects the physical and digital content that designers use in their creative processes.

The Design Daydreams augmented drafting table projects the Looking Sideways exploration tool onto a tabletop to allow a more tangible interaction with the information being explored. Combined with a low-tech augmented reality tool that uses any mobile device in a simple holder to project digital animations on top of objects around the user, the tool allows digital and physical concepts to be overlaid on top of each other to provoke new reinterpretations and creative inspiration. 

If you are interested in learning more about this tool or would like to try it yourself or in your organization, Pip is continuing to develop her PhD research outside of the MIT Media Lab and would love to hear from you:

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