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Core Members

Prof. Alex Pentland, Director
Julius Adebayo, MS Candidate
Dhaval Adjodah, PhD Candidate
Fahad Alhasoun, MS Candidate
Abdullah M. Almaatouq, MS Candidate
Yaniv Altshuler, Research Affiliate
Andrey Bogomolov, Visiting Student
Joost Bonsen, Lecturer
John Clippinger, Visiting Scientist
Xiaowen Dong, Visiting Student
Dazza Greenwood, Visiting Scientist
Eaman Jahani, MS Candidate
Ali S Kamil, MS Candidate
Cameron Kerry, Distinguished Scholar
Peter Krafft, PhD Candidate
Oren Lederman, MS Candidate
Emmanuel Letouzé, Visiting Scholar
Joachim Meyer, Visiting Professor
Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye, PhD Candidate
Alejandro Noriega Campero, MS Candidate
Todd Reid, Visiting Scientist
Erez Shmueli, Visiting Professor
David Shrier, Managing Director, Connection Science & Engineering
Vivek K. Singh, Visiting Professor
Arek Stopczynski, Postdoctoral Associate
Brian Sweatt, Research Affiliate
Guy Zyskind, MS Candidate


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