Mobility and Innovation Capacity Workshop - with Aalto University


Ariel Noyman

Ariel Noyman

March 21 and 22, 2019

Team members from Aalto University in Espoo, Finland visited the Media Lab’s City Science group to discuss ongoing collaborations and new projects. In recent years the Aalto team has been developing a campus-as-a-service model, whereby the university campus operates as a collection of shared spaces which can be utilized by different groups within the university, as well as local schools and businesses.

Moving forward the MIT City Science group and Aalto University teams will develop projects and tools to support the long term development of the Aalto campus. The focus will be on increasing the social density and innovation potential of the campus as well as encouraging more sustainable mobility behavior. This research will once again use the university as a testbed with access to an urban planning group, campus data, and a space for deployment as research progresses. 

Aalto team

Antti Ahlava- Vice President, Aalto campus development
Antti Tuomela- Managing director of Aalto University Campus and Real Estate
Sanna Iltanen- Postdoctoral Associate, Aalto City Science Lab
Anssi Joutsiniemi- Adjunct Professor of Urban Studies and Planning
Jarmo Suominen- Professor of Architecture

MIT team

Kent Larson- Principal Investigator
Ronan Doorley- Independent Contractor
Margaret Church- Administrative Assistant
Luis Alonso- Research Scientist
Ariel Noyman- PhD Candidate
Markus ElKatsha- Collaborator
Yasushi Sakai- PhD Candidate
Arnaud Grignard- Research Scientist
Ryan Zhang- PhD Candidate
Cristian Jara-Figueroa- PhD Candidate
Alexandra Berke- Research Assistant
Gabriela Advincula Bila- Research Assistant

More work from the Aalto City Science collaboration will be listed in projects as work continues later in Spring 2019 and into Spring of 2020.

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