City Science Summit Shanghai 2018 上海城市科学峰会


City Science

City Science

May 20, 2018
1:00pm — 8:00pm ET

Hosted by the MIT Media Lab's City Science group and Tongji University.

We strive to create more livable, innovative, and entrepreneurial cities using dynamic urban programming for innovative futures.

City Science Summit Shanghai 2018, in participation with Tongji University and the MIT Media Lab's City Science group, invites you to attend this one-day event focused on global service innovations. Be part of an international cohort of mayors, technical experts, high-level CEOs, and academics as we discuss and model our cities' latest visualization tools. Join us as we discuss service platforms, co-creative city structures, and our future beyond the smart city.

View a video of City Science Summit Andorra 2017


Saturday, May 19
WIEE (World Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo) 

8:00 to 5:00 | Opening Ceremony 

Tongji University is working with the Ministry of Education and Shanghai City Government to present WIEE. WIEE is a year-long event with the following goals: promote innovation, promote science and education, accelerate the construction of a science and innovation center, build cooperation, and encourage entrepreneurship.  Guests of the City Science Summit will attend the Opening Ceremony, which includes the Future Trends forum and the release of Declaration of World Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Shanghai Declaration).

Sunday, May 20
City Science Summit Shanghai

1:00 | Registration

1:00 to 3:00 | Welcome and Keynote Speakers

Opening Performance
Introduction from Professor Yongqi Lou


Zhiqiang Wu - Vice President of Tongji University, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chief Planner of Shanghai World Expo 2010

Bin Li - Founder and Chairman of Weilai Automobile

Ningning Li - Senior Director of Industrial Design, Xiaomi Ecochain


Kent Larson - Director and Principal Research Scientist, City Science Research group, MIT Media Lab


Nan Cao - Director, Tongji University Smart Data Viz Team 

Ronan Doorley - Postdoctoral Associate, MIT Media Lab

Marc Pons - Director Fundació ActuaTech; Director, City Science Lab Andorra


Phil Tinn - Research Scientist, MIT Media Lab

Jörg Noennig - Professor, HCU Hamburg; Director, City Science Lab Hamburg

Antti Tuomela - Managing Director at Aalto University Properties Ltd

Prediction and Experience

Jarmo Souminen - Adjunct Professor, Aalto University/ Guest Professor, Tongji University

Arnaud Grignard - Research Scientist, MIT Media Lab

Xiaohua Sun and Ke (Suta) Ma - Vice Dean, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University; Researcher, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University 


Yan (Ryan) Zhang - Doctoral Researcher, MIT Media Lab

Ariel Noyman - Doctoral Researcher, MIT Media Lab

Markus ElKatsha - Researcher, MIT Media Lab


Yasushi Sakai, Doctoral Researcher, MIT Media Lab

Luis Alonso, Research Scientist, MIT Media Lab

6:00 to 8:00 | Rotations

Breakout Sessions and Demos

CityScope Andorra
CityScope Living Line - Shanghai
CityScope Aalto - Helsinki

PEV - Persuasive Electric Vehicle

8:00 - 10:00 | Reception and closing remarks

Guests are welcome to attend the World Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo on May 20-23.  Registration is required.


Yan Zhang 'Ryan', City Science, MIT Media Lab


Yan Zhang, Ariel Noyman, City Science, MIT Media Lab


City Science, MIT Media Lab


Yan (Ryan) Zhang


Yan (Ryan) Zhang


Tongji University

Team and Speakers:


City Science


City Science


City Science

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