Past Member

Jeantine Lunshof

Former Research Scientist/Ethicist
  • Sculpting Evolution

Jeantine Lunshof is philosopher-ethicist in the Sculpting Evolution group that explores evolutionary and ecological engineering and  invents new ways to restore and improve our shared ecosystems.

In the Sculpting Evolution group, Lunshof develops the normative underpinnings for "Responsive Science" in a project funded by the Greenwall Foundation  together with Co-PI  Kevin Esvelt. She is co-investigator/ethicist for the Daisy Drives project, funded by DARPA in the Safe Genes program. The focus of her work as a philosopher-ethicist is on conceptual and normative questions in genomics and biological engineering. Lunshof employs the unique approach of  work floor-based ethics research which enables truly collaborative work with bench scientists from the earliest stages of research and discovery. 

Lunshof holds a BA in Philosophy, with minor in Tibetan Language & Culture, from the University of Hamburg (Germany), an MA in Philosophy, with minor in Health Law, from the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), and a PhD from VU University Amsterdam.

Prior work has been pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine. For the Personal Genome Project (Director George Church, Harvard Medical School) Lunshof developed the innovative model of Open Consent. As an Assistant Professor at the University Medical Center Groningen (Netherlands) she has been investigating the normative questions raised by the use of genetic imputation within a population isolate.