Past Member

Charles Holbrow

Former Research Assistant
  • Opera of the Future

Charles is a PhD Candidate with the Opera of the Future group within the MIT Media Lab. Before joining the lab, he worked as audio engineer and as a software engineer, developing audio technology for musical video games, and for spectacular theatrical performances.

He is interested in how music can use the internet as more than just a distribution medium, and how new kinds of music and media can take advantage of the power of the internet.

Charles is the recipient of the Joan K. Rossi Memorial Music Scholarship, and the Audio Engineering Society Educational Foundation Grant, as well as First Place winner of the Audio Engineering Society Undergraduate Design Competition.

His publications have appeared in journals as diverse as The Journal of Biomedical Optics, New Interfaces for Musical Expression, and The Physics Teacher. He has a Bachelor of Music in Sound Recording Technology, and a Master’s Degree from the Media Lab. Charles is also an alumnus of the Hack Reactor software development school in San Francisco, and the Recurse Center in NYC.