Georine Pierre

Research Assistant
  • City Science

Georine Pierre is an architect and multimedia designer addressing integrated practices of experimental urbanisms, ecological urgency, equity, and technology. She is a full-time research assistant in City Science Group. Her work often involves innovative techniques of material production, rigorous ecological research, public intervention, and narrative storytelling devices. Her research at City Science Group is contributing to the “Power of Without”, a comprehensive roadmap for understanding and collaborating with informal settlements worldwide. With a focus on urban mining in city environments, Georine highlights the importance of recognizing both formal and informal aspects of the e-waste sector, particularly in West Africa and other global cities. 

Prior to joining City Science Group, Georine was an Associate Research Scholar at Columbia University’s Center for Resilient Cities and Landscapes, contributing to interdisciplinary research, project design scenarios, and facilitating key stakeholder workshops for several international projects impacted by pressures of climate change and rapid urbanization. She has dedicated her efforts towards sustainability and education in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund, Resilient Cities Network, Architectural Ecologies Lab, Resilient by Design, and UC Berkeley's Y-Plan. Georine holds a Master’s in Architecture from California College of the Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning.