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Gretchen Ertl

Gretchen Ertl

Effective May 11, 2023, federal and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Covid-19 public health emergencies ended. As a result, the following changes in MIT policy went into effect:

  • MIT no longer requires Covid vaccinations for students or employees, but will strongly recommend following CDC guidelines for these vaccinations. As studies continue to show, Covid vaccinations have a proven track record of preventing serious illness.
  • MIT discontinued its PCR testing program, concluding a successful rampdown that began in 2021. With symptomatic testing demand slowing to a trickle in recent months, and campus life unaffected by earlier rampdowns, our campuswide PCR testing program came to an end. Going forward, those who are ill and require a PCR test should visit their personal healthcare provider. If it is deemed medically necessary, individuals who get their healthcare at MIT Health will be able to receive a PCR test as part of their office visit. However, no PCR tests will be administered at MIT other than as part of a sick-visit medical appointment. Take-home tests are readily available at major pharmacies, including the new CVS in Kendall Square.
  • Individuals are no longer required to report testing positive for Covid in MIT Atlas. Individuals who test positive should follow the CDC’s guidelines for isolation, which currently state that you should stay home and away from others for five full days.

In addition to these new policy changes, MIT has previously discontinued all Covid-era requirements pertaining to building access and visitors; eating indoors; events; face coverings/masks; testing and attestation; and travel. While masking remains optional on campus, MIT will continue to stock its vending machines with high-quality masks. If individuals are more comfortable being masked, they should feel supported if they decide to wear one.

Covid Pass and Covid Vaccine, both available via Atlas, will sunset on May 11 and May 31, respectively. Please be sure to download any stored personal information uploaded to Covid Vaccine, such as proof of vaccination and/or booster shots, that you wish to retain before May 31: After that date, all Covid vaccination and testing data will be destroyed. More detailed instructions about how to retain this information is available.

MIT Health, MIT Emergency Management, and other offices will continue to monitor public health data on Covid, and will advise the Institute’s leadership if any Covid protocols need to be reinstated temporarily.

This page is no longer updated. Please visit or press the button below for MIT-wide updates, policies, and timelines. 

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