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We seek to advance a new class of wearable robotic systems, including biomimetic leg prostheses, orthoses, and exoskeletons. These wearable systems comprise architectures that resemble the body’s own musculoskeletal design, actuator technologies that behave like muscle, and control methodologies that exploit principles of biological movement. We aim to design prostheses and orthoses that improve the lives of people who have suffered a leg pathology resulting from amputation, stroke, spinal cord lesion, post-polio syndrome, cerebral palsy, or multiple sclerosis. Additionally, we aim to develop exoskeletons designed to augment human strength and endurance, including limb amplifiers for climbing, walking, and running.

What We're Looking For:

We are looking for students interested in developing neuromechanical models of biological movement, and in applying such models to the advancement of biomimetic leg prostheses, orthotics, and exoskeletons. Ideally, candidates will have training in one or more of the following areas: biomechanics, neuroscience, neurotechnology, linear and nonlinear control theory, or electromechanical design.

Research Staff and Postdoctoral Appointments
If you are interested in joining the Biomech Group as research staff (PhD required) or postdoc, please refer to our FAQ page for next steps on Employment. 
Technical Staff Appointments

If you are interested in joining the Biomech Group as technical staff (non-degree program) please refer to our FAQ page for next steps on Employment. 

Graduate Students
If you are interested in the graduate degree program, please visit the MIT Media Lab admissions page for the Media Arts and Sciences program or the MIT admissions page for other programs. Additional information for international students is available from the International Applicants page.

In order to be considered for a Masters or Ph.D. candidate in the BIomechatronics lab, you must first be accepted into one MIT's Graduate School programs. Our most common programs are listed below. However if you apply to another graduate program at MIT, you are welcome to pursue the Biomechatronics lab if allowed by the program. We are always open to hosting a student from another department, given an overlap in research interests.

- Graduate program in Media of Arts and Sciences (MAS): https://www.media.mit.edu/graduate-program/about-media-arts-sciences/
- Mechanical Engineering (MechE) graduate program: http://meche.mit.edu/education/graduate
- Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology graduate program (HST): https://hst.mit.edu/academic-programs/memp

If you have already been admitted to an MIT graduate program and think your interests are a good match with our projects, please complete the Biomech Graduate Research Assistant form here.

For more information, see our FAQ

The Biomechatronics group participates in the MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).  More information about the UROP program can be found on the MIT UROP page.  Interested candidates should fill out the Biomech UROP form here.

For more information on open positions, visit this page.

Volunteer and Internship Opportunities
Although we support ambition, imagination, and creativity, we do not currently have a volunteer, internship, or short term rotation program available.  Matriculated Harvard students may inquire through the HST department for course credit.

Learn about applying through the Program in Media Arts & Sciences.