Xin Liu joins Future Innovators Summit at Ars Electronica

Thursday — Monday
September 7, 2017 —
September 11, 2017

Research Assistant Xin Liu from Fluid Interfaces Group is selected to join the Future Innovators Summit 2017 at Ars Electronica. 

Embedded in the inspiring setting of the Ars Electronica Festival in POSTCITY Linz, the Future Innovators Summit is once again inviting motivated individuals from the worlds of art, technology and science to exchange ideas and thereby formulate questions of central importance to humankind’s future. FIS project director Hideaki Ogawa offers some conceptual points of departure for a stimulating encounter with the big issue: artificial intelligence.

We human beings still have the decisive advantage: the capacity to ask ourselves questions about the future of our world. And perhaps it won’t even be too long before artificial intelligence insinuates itself here too and speaks to us on its own behalf on this topic! Things haven’t reached that point yet, but it’s already clear that posing the right questions is what it takes to yield promising answers. And this is precisely where the Future Innovators Summit comes in. Hideaki Ogawa, a staff researcher at the Ars Electronica Futurelab, is producing the FIS at POSTCITY Linz in cooperation with Japanese advertising agency Hakuhodo and the Internet Foundation Austria (netidee). Here, he talks about what’s on tap at the 2017 Future Innovators Summit, which is set for September 7-10. The deadline to apply for a front-row seat at the round-table discussion is July 17th. For details, go www.aec.at/ai/fis.

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