NatGeo Student Expeditions 2019

Doyung Lee

Friday — Saturday
July 26, 2019 —
July 27, 2019

The Space Exploration Initiative is delighted to host young explorers from National Geographic's Student Expeditions for their 2019 programming, part of a larger effort to democratize climate discovery and data engagement through creative means. 

Infrared Imaging with Small Satellites

 In this two-day workshop, the learners embarked on a crash-course in spacecraft mission design (systems engineering), build, deployment, and data analysis. Teams built and tested mock 1U cubesats capable of imaging vegetation on the MIT campus using microcontroller-enabled infrared cameras. With the images, explorers contributed to open source mapping repositories (in particular, MapKnitter). In the process, they learned to tell meaningful stories using data, while acknowledging the rigor and challenges associated with satellite design. 

SEI is interested in adapting this programming for other learning groups, particularly informal ones. Please contact us if you would like to learn more! 

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