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Julie Hall

Julie Hall

Tuesday — Thursday
January 22, 2019 —
January 24, 2019

MIT Connection Science @ Davos 2019

Blockchain+AI+Human = Magic

Come and learn how innovations from MIT Connection Science and its collaborators are transforming governments and businesses around the world, improving the transparency, fairness, performance, and accountability of our societies' systems. Engage in small group discussions, curated by MIT Professor Alex Pentland, to brainstorm about how these sorts of innovations can address the world's big problems and how they can be used to achieve your own goals.

Big data offers the financial sector the ability to make better decisions faster by revealing new insights into consumer behaviors and by predicting systemic risks. The value big data brings to the financial markets could potentially be enhanced via open and transparent securitization and appropriate regulatory oversight. Please join MIT Media Lab, UNCDF, and SDFA for a high-level breakfast discussion about the future of big data and finance.

MIT Connection Science @ Tata Dome on 22 January 2019

The TCS Dome, Panorama Hotel, Promenade 80, Davos

Tuesday: 22/1/19: "Unlocking Human Potential with Blockchain+AI: Blockchain + AI + Human = Magic"
Our Tata Dome lunch gathering on January 22 in Davos, Switzerland is to celebrate how human society is beginning to harness new technologies such as blockchain and AI to address the Sustainable Development Goals—hence the title, Blockchain+AI+Human=Magic. Of special interest are demos of dozens of scalable, real-world innovations, most developed in close partnership with MIT Connection Science.  The themes are data for good, human governance that leverages these new technologies, and scalability to the entire world. (email connectionscience@mit.edu to be added to the list and you can register from there)

MIT Connection Science @ ICE House 23-24 January 2019

Promenade 93, 7270 Davos Platz, Switzerland

Wednesday 23/1/19 9:30- 10:30 Breakfast at the ICE House, "Big data meets the markets: The future of data-dominated financial systems," co-sponsored by MIT Media Lab, United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), and the Sustainable Digital Finance Alliance (SDFA).

Massive data breaches, election tampering, and other headlines from recent history demonstrate the increasing systemic risks that come with digitalization. Personal privacy concerns are also on the rise. But the potential upside from big data for the financial system is massive: armed with sufficient amounts of big data, machines can learn to predict risks that have been too difficult or too costly for financial players to unveil before.

The systems that generate big data—mobile devices, social media, website visits, the internet of things, and third-party providers, to name a few—continue to proliferate. Our breakfast conversation will focus on how big data delivers entirely new and different intelligence to the financial sector, and how its value could potentially be assetized and securitized in ways that both honor privacy concerns and maximize commercial value.

[Event Full] Wednesday 23/1/19 12:30- 14:00 Lunch at The ICE House, MIT Connection Science + CSAIL present “Creating the future: Advances of AI, ML, robotics and finance—what it means for economics, ethics, and global impact" with Professor Alex Pentland and Professor Daniella Rus, covering:

  • Data ownership
  • Consumer confidence
  • Future of law and commerce
  • Future of works- skills, training and re-training
  • Ethics & privacy

[Event Full] Thursday 24/1/19 12:30- 14:00 Lunch at The ICE House: “MIT Future Blockchain and AI Systems” with Yaniv Altshuler of Endor, Daniel Peled of ORBS, and Professor Alex Pentland

Thursday 24/1/19 17:30-19:00 pm Reception at The ICE House: “MIT: Towards Trusted Data".  MIT LivingLabs are deploying global projects bringing trusted data to people around the world.  Come talk to the to the teams working with MIT Connection Science LivingLabs in China, Israel, Columbia, Turkey, and Italy that are creating innovative new technical infrastructures for sharing public and private data safely, for good.

ICE House Breakfast and Lunches are invite only;  email connectionscience@mit.edu to apply for invitation with first name, last name, position, and company. Due to limited space, we are only able to register a certain number of attendees; therefore, we reserve the right to add anyone registered to a waitlist if needed. For more information go to blockchaininaction.org & connection.mit.edu.

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