Innovations in Diagnostics and Detection on the Road to Re-Densification


Yux Xiang

Yux Xiang

August 20, 2020
10:00am — 11:15am ET

As people around the world gradually return to regular activity, join this live, virtual discussion with leading researchers about currently available diagnostics and developing innovations for early detection of viral spread. The panel will unpack tests that are available today—from molecular PCR, to rapid antigen, to serological antibody—and shine a light on what is required to successfully bring tests to market including determining accuracy, sensitivity, cost, and ease of adoption.

Panelists will also cover innovations that offer early warning signs for disease diagnosis and detection, such as research on voice changes that occur when disease impacts respiratory functions. Discussions will also cover how sewer systems’ genomic content can be used as an indicator of disease spread in broader populations, and how methods for analyzing sewage could rapidly signal the need for community testing, tracing and preparedness.

This live, virtual event will include audience Q+A.

Pandemic Response Catalyst Conversations is a six-part series hosted by global life science leader MilliporeSigma in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT)Center for Collective Intelligence and MIT Media Lab’s Community Biotechnology Initiative.

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