inFORM @ Cooper Hewitt Design Museum

Monday — Sunday
December 1, 2014 —
May 31, 2015


Cooper Hewitt Museum, New York


Imagine handling objects virtually and physically in real time, from thousands of miles away. The Tangible Media Group, led by MIT Media Lab’s Hiroshi Ishii, is working on such a user interaction, transforming how we may communicate and work in the future. One current project is inFORM, a dynamic-shape display that gives physical form to digital information: physical “pixels” on a table surface move in real time, in accordance with data from a motion-sensing input device. A depth-sensing camera sends signals from a remote location to the motorized-pin surface, where objects can be handled by virtual participants in a videoconference. This ability to interact physically creates a strong sense of presence. In addition, future three-dimensional designs will be physically prototyped, albeit at low resolution, without the need for 3D printing. Architects and urban planners will be able to share and discuss their designs immediately with clients—even miles apart.

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Work Featured By

Hiroshi Ishii

Sean Follmer

Daniel Leithinger

Philipp Schoessler

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