Desert Arts Preview and BRCvr


Irmandy Wicaksono/Judyta Maria Cichoka

Irmandy Wicaksono/Judyta Maria Cichoka

June 4, 2023
4:00pm — 6:00pm ET

Desert Arts Preview: An Invitation to Get Inspired  

The Living Knitwork Pavilion—a customized and modular textile shade structure consisting of 3D-knitted optically and electrically active yarns that sense activities and dynamically change color and light up through the day and night—is among the 12 featured art installations and structures this year at the 2023 Desert Arts Preview of Burning Man: ANIMALIA in Black Rock City, Nevada.

As part of the Desert Arts Preview hosted by Burning Man Arts on on Sunday, June 4, people are welcome to get inspired by a fantastic new collection of spectacular, wild, and whimsical art installations; this is an opportunity to step behind the scenes and join the featured artists for virtual tours of their studios and creative process, and gain insights into their inspirations and hopes for their works in progress. 

Come learn how to get involved and support these and other artists at the Burning Man event to create interactive, collaborative, and community-generating artworks. Tune in from anywhere for this virtual celebration, and meet the presenting artists who will be joining from around the globe. 

After the main program, people are invited to join an afterparty in BRCvr where you can immerse yourself in even more art and mingle with the artists and other participants. BRCvr can be enjoyed on any browser or by staying on Zoom for a guided experience. Visit brcvr.org for more info!

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