CityScience Lyon WorkShop: At the school of the Anthropocene

Arnaud Grignard 

Sunday — Friday
January 20, 2019 —
January 25, 2019

A l'Ecole de l'Anthropocène is a large multidisciplinary event organized by the Urban School of Lyon. A week to learn, debate, and build proposals with scientists, thinkers, artists, politicians, and associations.

With this first meeting "At the School of the Anthropocene," the Urban School invites everyone to discover, think, and interact with scientists, thinkers, artists, and associations, to try to draw the tracks of a possible future during a week of sharing, creativity, and festivity. This workshop  focuses on the participatory use of public policy issues.

By mobilizing the Open Data data of the Lyon Metropolis and using CityScope, a framework developed by the CityScience group at the MIT Media Lab and the Gama Platform , students in communication, game design, and digital geography developed a tangible city simulator monitoring air quality in the district of Lyon Confluence during the event co-organized by  labex IMU  and the  University of Lyon.

More information can be found here in French.

GitHub: https://github.com/CityScope/CSL_Lyon

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