For multimedia artist Nicole L'Huillier, sound is a portal for change


(Robin Lubbock/WBUR)

(Robin Lubbock/WBUR)

By Jenn Stanley

Multimedia artist Nicole L’Huillier wants to invite you to become a membrane and get ready to assimilate and embody vibration.

“Why I am obsessed with sound and why I love working with sound is that sound is a portal,” says L’Huillier, who’s from Santiago, Chile and pursuing a Ph.D. at MIT’s Media Lab. “Listening and moving to the sounds vibrating along, resonating, actually can alter your states of consciousness. And for example, you can achieve trance states and like states of psychedelia.”

Though she collaborates with doctors, robotics engineers and other technological thinkers, her work asks audiences to clear their minds, unlearn their conditioning, and get back to the basics. “How do we form parts, how do we inhabit with and in this universe?” she asks.

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