Breaking Forms’ bubbly space pop will lift you to a galaxy far far away


Breaking Forms

Breaking Forms

via Remezcla

Feb. 1, 2018


Breaking Forms is the literal and creative marriage of Juan Necochea and Nicole L’Huillier. Formed in 2015, the band was born in the tumultuous months following the pair’s wedding and subsequent relocation from Santiago de Chile to Boston. Both musicians were already well-established within Chile’s indie scene, Juan as part of Picnic Kibun and Nicole with Cóndor Jet, and when it came time to explore a collaborative effort, the two found their skills and sensibilities much more compatible than anticipated.

“We started making music the same way we went about getting to know each other,” the band tells Remezcla via e-mail. “Just one more way of creating. Our sound was based on a love for reverb and hypnotic ambient pop. We like to be classified somewhere in the space-pop category…but who knows?”

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