Here be Dragons, Track B

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Jon Tadiello

Brooke Runnette, Chief Program Officer, Emerson Elemental - Our Thriving Ocean
Jeff Marlow, geobiologist and science writer; Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University - Our Thriving Ocean
Diva Amon, deep sea biologist; Marie Sk?odowska-Curie research fellow at the Natural History Museum, London - Our Thriving Ocean
John Mandelman, fish ecologist; VP and Chief Scientist, Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life, New England Aquarium - Our Thriving Ocean
Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, marine biologist and conservation strategist; Founder, Ocean Collective - Our Thriving Ocean
Joe Paradiso, Director, Responsive Environments, MIT Media Lab - Platforms and Sensors
Alan Leonardi, Director, NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research - Platforms and Sensors
Anna Michel ’98, SM’02, PhD’07, ocean engineer; Associate Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution -
Brennan Phillips, ocean engineer; Professor, University of Rhode Island - Platforms and Sensors
Andy Lippman, Director, Viral Communications, MIT Media Lab - Democratizing the Ocean
Asha DeVos, ocean educator and marine biologist; Founder, Oceanswell - Democratizing the Ocean
Shah Selbe, conservation technologist; Founder, Conversify - Democratizing the Ocean
Gregg Treinish, volunteer mobilizer; Founder, Adventure Scientists - Democratizing the Ocean
Annie Brett, exploration scientist and lawyer; PhD Candidate, University of Miami - Democratizing the Ocean
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