SynthAX: A Fast Modular Synthesizer in JAX

Manuel Cherep

Cherep*, M., & Singh*, N. (2023, May). SynthAX: A Fast Modular Synthesizer in JAX. In Audio Engineering Society Convention 155. Audio Engineering Society.


Modern audio production relies heavily on realtime audio synthesis. However, accelerating audio synthesis far beyond realtime speeds has a significant role to play in advancing intelligent audio production techniques. Fast synthesis methods have been used to generate useful datasets, implement audio matching procedures for automatic sound design, and infer synthesis parameters for real-world sounds. In this paper, we present SynthAX, a fast virtual modular synthesizer written in JAX. At its peak, SynthAX generates audio over 80,000 times faster than realtime, and significantly faster than the state-of-the-art in accelerated sound synthesis. We present SynthAX as an open source and easily extensible API to stimulate and support applications of fast sound synthesis at scale.

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