SpaceHuman: A Soft Robotic Prosthetic for Space Exploration

Sumini, V., Muccillo, M., Milliken, J., Ekblaw, A. and Paradiso, J., 2020. SpaceHuman: A Soft Robotic Prosthetic For Space Exploration. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed: 11 May 2020]


The project focuses on the human centered design approach for aiding crewed space operations in microgravity. The key element is enhancing the floating experience, while enabling humans to adapt in microgravity environments. The metaphor of the undersea world inspired the design of a body extension that can complement the interiors of Zero-G habitats. The analysis of the unique seahorse’s tail structure became the insight into the overall biomimetic design. In fact, a seahorse tail enables movement, gripping and protection to the seahorse while floating. SpaceHuman is an additive prosthetic that can move around the body to grasp objects and handles in microgravity, protecting the wearer from injuries that might occur while floating in a confined habitat, while providing an adaptable and kinematically stable base. SpaceHuman has been designed through different computational design methods, to simulate its behavior in microgravity, and has been worn and tested on a Zero-G flight.

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