Robotic Immaterial Fabrication

Dec. 1, 2012

Steven J. Keating


In this work a KUKA KR5 sixx R850 robotic arm was transformed into a novel multi-fabrication platform capable of additive, subtractive, formative, and immaterial fabrication processes. We define immaterial fabrication as a novel class of fabrication category where material properties are manipulated without direct mechanical forces to create design environments and objects. Design studies discussed in this paper include real-time light renders generated by dynamic control of light sources and annealed patterns created by manipulating heat fields. The paper focuses on the immaterial sensing and fabrication processes developed, including volumetric scanning measurements of optical, thermal, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields and methods of spatial data output. In addition, the concept of informed fabrication utilizing roboticallycontrolled environmental sensing to influence and inform fabrication is discussed, explored, and demonstrated.

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