Reconstruction of hidden 3D shapes using diffuse reflections

O Gupta, T Willwacher, A Velten, A Veeraraghavan, R Raskar


We analyze multi-bounce propagation of light in an unknown hidden volume and demonstrate that the reflected light contains sufficient information to recover the 3D structure of the hidden scene. We formulate the forward and inverse theory of secondary scattering using ideas from energy front propagation and tomography. We show that using Fresnel approximation greatly simplifies this problem and the inversion can be achieved via a backpropagation process. We study the invertibility, uniqueness and choices of space-time-angle dimensions using synthetic examples. We show that a 2D streak camera can be used to discover and reconstruct hidden geometry. Using a 1D high speed time of flight camera, we show that our method can be used recover 3D shapes of objects “around the corner”.

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