Nanostructure Fabrication by Electron and Ion Beam Patterning of Nanoparticles

Kong, D. "Nanostructure Fabrication by Electron and Ion Beam Patterning of Nanoparticles"


Two modes of energetic beam-mediated fabrication have been investigated, namely focused ion beam (FIB) direct-writing of nanoparticles, and a technique for electrostatically patterning ionized inorganic nanoparticles, termed nano xerography.

A FIB has been used to directly pattern thin films of organometallic Ag-precursors down to a resolution of 100 nm. The sensitivity of the resist to 30 keV Ga+ ions was measured to be approximately 5 �_C/cm2. Using this technique arbitrary structures were fabricated in two and three dimensions with resistivity on the order of 1x10-4 �-cm and 1x10-5 �-cm for single- and multi-layer structures, respectively. A new unit of merit for characterizing direct-write processes, termed resistivity-dose (�_�-�_C/cm), has been introduced.

A Nanocluster Source capable of generating a beam of charged, inorganic nanoparticles has been characterized. The relationship between power supplied to the magnetron of the source and the size of deposited clusters has been plotted. Techniques for utilizing such clusters to develop latent electrified images patterned by an electron beam (EB) have been proposed. The charge-storing characteristics of a variety of substrates such as mylar and polyimide were studied by developing EB-patterned charge images with toner particles.

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