Mood Meter: Large-Scale and Long-Term Smile Monitoring System

Hernandez, J., Hoque, M. E., Picard, R.W., "Mood Meter: Large-Scale and Long-Term Smile Monitoring System", ACM SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies, August 2012.


Have you ever wondered whether it’s possible to quantitatively measure how friendly or welcoming a community is? Or imagined which parts of the community are happier than others? In this work, we introduce a new technology that begins to address these questions. Mood Meter is a computer vision based system that automatically encourages, recognizes and counts smiles of a large environment or a community. For our project, we installed Mood Meter in a college campus during a 10-weeks long festival to count smiles of people at 4 different key locations. Our system collected aggregated anonymous information, and then displayed the information in real time in various intuitive and interactive formats on a public website, depicting the emotional footprint of the community as a function of smiles at any point in time.

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