Past Member

M. Ehsan Hoque

Former Research Assistant, Affective Computing
  • Affective Computing

PhD 2013
Assistant Professor, University of Rochester

Ehsan took on a faculty job immediately after completing his MAS PhD. His research explores the use of technology that helps people to improve their soft skills. 

How did your experience at the Lab influence your next step?

Being able to demo almost every other day to a wide variety of individuals from the industry was a valuable experience. Ability to articulate big ideas and ground it with technical artifact made fundraising a fun process. I still remember Nicholas Negroponte insisting us during 'prosem' not to get into competition in research. If someone else wants to do very similar to what you are currently doing, you let them have it and move onto something else. 

In addition to working with members of the lab, go seek collaborations in other departments at MIT. There are very smart people around you working on very important problems in other domains. Make those connections.