Machinoia, Machine of Multiple Me: Integrating with Past, Future, and Alternative Selves

Pataranutaporn, Pat, Valdemar Danry, and Pattie Maes. "Machinoia, Machine of Multiple Me: Integrating with Past, Future and Alternative Selves." Extended Abstracts of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. 2021.


Our body and mind relate in ways which are extraordinarily enigmatic and seemingly incomprehensible. Recent findings exemplify this by showing not just that our minds can phenomenologically inhabit multiple bodies but also that our body can be accessed by multiple minds. As an exploration of this concept, we present Machinoia, a symbiotic augmentation that extends the user with two additional heads each of which are unique variations of the users identity: who you once were, and who you’ll eventually become. We used a generative adversarial network to synthesize life-like human faces and controlled them through artificial attitude models extracted from social media data of the wearer, thus creating “artificial personal intelligences” of the wearer, bringing to life past and future versions of oneself.

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