CityScope: A Data-Driven Interactive Simulation Tool for Urban Design. Use Case Volpe


Alonso, L., Zhang, Y. R., Grignard, A., Noyman, A., Sakai, Y., ElKatsha, M., ... & Larson, K. (2018, July). Cityscope: a data-driven interactive simulation tool for urban design. Use case volpe. In International Conference on Complex Systems (pp. 253-261). Springer, Cham.


MIT City Science Group (CS) studies the interaction of social, economic and physical characteristics of urban areas to understand how people use and experience cities with the goal of improving urban design practices to facilitate consensus between stakeholders. Long-established processes of engagement around urban transformation have been reliant on visual communication and complex negotiation to facilitate coordination between stakeholders, including community members, administrative bodies and technical professionals. City Science group proposes a novel methodology of interaction and collaboration called CityScope, a data-driven platform that simulates the impacts of interventions on urban ecosystems prior to detail-design and execution. As stakeholders collectively interact with the platform and understand the impact of proposed interventions in real-time, consensus building and optimization of goals can be achieved. In this article, we outline the methodology behind the basic analysis and visualization elements of the tool and the tangible user interface, to demonstrate an alternate solution to urban design strategies as applied to the Volpe Site case study in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA.

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