An Exploration of Form Factors for Sleep-Olfactory Interfaces

Amores, Judith, Dotan, Mae, Maes, Pattie. "An Exploration of Form Factors for Sleep-Olfactory Interfaces" 2019 41st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC)


Releasing scent during sleep has been shown to influence the emotional valence of dreams, reduce cigarette smoking behavior, strengthen memories as well as enhance restorative slow-wave activity. Nevertheless, current scent technologies used in sleep laboratories are not portable and require the use of nasal masks and large olfactometers. In this paper we investigated the preferred form factor and acceptance of a set of biometric wearables that can release scent based on the user’s physiological state. We conducted an online survey with 163 participants and evaluated 8 different form factors. The results showed that 73.5% of the subjects preferred the designs that are not wearable during the night but that can be worn during the day. We provide insights to take into account for the design of next generation sleep-olfactory technologies. We provide a literature review of sleep and scent studies and discuss the opportunities for well-being and memory applications.

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