Wearable Device-assisted Emotional Wellbeing Intervention with a Social Robot

Emotional wellbeing is an important indicator of overall health and poor emotional wellbeing can equally adversely affect one's overall health and wellbeing (and vice versa).  Systems that help monitor and self-manage users' emotional wellbeing by providing feedback may lead to interventions that can promote positive emotional wellbeing and, perhaps more significantly, might increase overall wellbeing. 

Overall System

The system is consists of a Jibo station and a wearable sensor such as a Fitbit smart watch. The user data is shared through the tablet app in a real-time manner and supports personalized interventions for each user. Users initially set their goals and the goal is adapted based on the user activity and life patterns.

To deliver a more effective intervention, the system should be able to understand the underlying state of each user and not only provide manual answers, the system needs to naturally identify the true state of each user with explainable, empathetic, and motivational conversation.