Understanding the 15 Minute City


MIT City Science

MIT City Science

City Science researchers are engaging in an exploratory process to understand, develop, and model a platform with a focus on the 15-minute city. This project is a collaboration with NTT DATA, a Media Lab member company, with NTT DATA employees embedded on the research team to add their insight and expertise. 

Together the teams hope to develop an intuitive and interactive user interface to study land use and mobility scenarios with simulations to estimate the impact of proposed scenarios. This research will result in an urban performance dashboard based on the MSCI ESG Sustainable Impact Metrics which will drive visualizations and reveal benefits to the community. 

This research began in the fall of 2021. In the coming year, the teams will focus on a specific research area, develop simulations, and further outline  a 15-minute city for the European context.  The teams hope to better understand land use and mobility patterns. This will allow them both to understand the current context and to anticipate future uses. Furthermore, this information can help to outline the urban characteristics that are essential to the 15-minute city and offer insights that can enable a more livable, equitable, and resilient community.