SpendTrend: Reflecting on Spending Habits


SpendTrend is a ReflectOn designed to allow its user to reflect on spending habits. Often we spend based on the momentary buying capability, without considering the long-term outcomes. Most would not think twice about a $4 Starbucks latte, but over a year this amount becomes non-trivial. Likewise, we often fail to think about savings in the long term. By making trends visible at the moment of purchase, SpendTrend attempts to make users mindful of their behavior and long-term goals. SpendTrend is built into a credit card, and has embedded processing and communication. The SpendTrend reader informs the card of the details of the purchases. With accurate, fine-grained information about purchases, the card then computes and display feedback, while also acting as a collection device for receipt data. The card harvests power directly from the reader, and has no explicit charging needs.